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North Tokyo

PC (Windows & Mac)
Nintendo Switch

Málaga, Spain


Ties is an action and adventure Metroidvania video game platformer. You will have to improve the skills of its protagonist in order to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, explore and advance through its different cities, which are full of secrets.

It has an original and very personal graphic style, mix of cartoon with cyberpunk, classical Greek, Japanese and Nordic environments. A union which is a product of the different tastes of the team members.

We wanted to create a video game with a story and a gameplay that excites. Our goal for Ties is to stir emotions and create experiences for anyone who ventures to play it.


Year 2070. Two decades have passed since humanity managed to survive the effects of climate change. Our frenetic lifestyle and corporate greed eventually collapsed the world. Humanity had to take refuge and learn from its mistakes.

For over two decades humanity created the largest city on earth, Neon City, governed by a council of thinkers (scientists and thinkers of all disciplines) and focused on technological progress. Natural disasters caused a change in the earth’s ecosystem. After the first decade of research and development, technological advances discovered a special connection between humans and the rest of the fauna, they called it: The Vital Ties.

The Vital Ties is a delicate natural-spiritual connection between a human and other animal species. It is a symbiotic relationship in which both beings share emotions and the same vital essence without abandoning their individuality in terms of thought.


Kiro and Chloe are Ties protaganists, both sharing the connection of the Vital Ties. After an unfortunate accident, Kiro and Chloe are abruptly separated after being together since their first days of life. This causes Kiro to become dangerously weakened and Chloe to fall seriously ill.

Once again, Kiro will have to find his way to Chloe to save his friend and himself. The road will not be easy, for the world that extends beyond Neon City is dangerous and wild.

The adventure will take Kiro around the world, showing him the ruins of the old world and revealing the secrets of the Vital Ties, hitherto unknown to humanity.


Kiro is a fox who was born in the wild. However, soon his instincts led him to Neon City, where Chloe was born. Kiro has white fur and blue markings, product of his connection to humans. Kiro is brave, loving energetic and protective, although he tends to be distracted easily.

Chloe is the only child of two scientists who study the Vital Ties. The couple encouraged Chloe and Kiro’s connection from day one, which made it strong and special. As a result, Chloe learned what friendship and love is.

She is a kind girl, affectionate and cheerful but at the same time somewhat shy and reserved. She spends a lot of time exploring her inner – self, creating her own worlds which she then sketches on her computer in the form of mini-games.

Both Kiro and Chloe have the same defect: They are too stubborn and uncompromising when pursuing a goal. They often lose perspective. But they have always helped each other to do the right thing and not get too obsessed.


Tie’s enemies are spectres of past times: Machines that remained on earth when natural disasters ravaged it. All the data collected by these machines helped humans understand the damage they had caused.

Over time the machines became smarter and more autonomous, and eventually they took on the form of extinct species in order to integrate and find their place in the world. At the same time, their study of the earth and the history of humanity led them to understand the essence of all evil: Fear, so their logic was to try to absorb fear and so rid humans of it.

This logic led to their consciousness becoming corrupted with fear, causing the machines to fail thus turning them against other creatures in an attempt to protect the earth.


Ties’ gameplay combines exploration, platforming, puzzles, and fast, bloody combat. In it you will face enemies – Cybersouls, of all sizes and styles. Even titans!

During your adventure you will visit great cities where you will discover more about the past of the earth and The Vital Ties. You can also rest and explore to discover all the secrets.

We have designed a slot skills system that allows you to customize and to adopt the style of play that you prefer. You will have to discover all the skills and magic we have spread throughout the Ties universe to create your own gaming experience.


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